Code & Content

Good day, and thanks for stopping by! I craft code + content for the web and write about software and amateur neuroscience. In this portfolio listicle you’ll find some of the startups web projects I’ve founded hacked together. Over on GitHub you can find my open-source code, and you can follow @curiositry on Twitter for the occasional (gzipped) thought.

  1. The blog of three thing-building, self-educating, voraciously-reading, computer-tinkering, music-playing brothers
  2. The EEG, brain-computer interface, and biofeedback discussion forum.
  3. The most useful rules of basic Algebra
  4. Laminim Ghost Blog Theme A premium Ghost theme for serious bloggers.
  5. Weblog Ghost Blog Theme A *seriously* old-school Ghost blog theme (premium).
  6. MNML Ghost Blog Theme A beautiful, responsive, and featureful blog theme with great typography.
  7. Undefined Ghost Blog Theme A minimal starter theme for the Ghost blogging platform.
  8. EEGrunt A Collection Python EEG Analysis Utilities for OpenBCI
  9. Diaeresis.jsWield diæreses like Chuck Mary Norris

Other projects:

  1. The Best Mathematical Forumlas on the Web
  2. ReaDB ReaDB is your private digital bookshelf. Read. Review. Remember.
  3. The Free & Open Science Class Fun, no-nonsense science projects that stimulate and inform
  4. The Ghost Theme Directory Find the perfect theme for your blog
  5. Wise Wallpapers A Collection of Minimalist Typographic Wallpapers From Quotes & Proverbs
  6. Designs That Don’t Suck A non sucky infographic explaining what it is that makes it not suck.
  7. Bohemian Theme A free, responsive, open source, & typographically tasteful Pelican theme. Built to provide a great reading experience with minimal clutter
  8. Responsive Microplate The bare essentials for any responsive website — halfway between Emmet’s !tab and HTML5 Boilerplate
  9. Clean Theme A minimalist theme for the Python static site generator Pelican.
  10. Flexbox Functions A Simple PHP Script That Makes Flexbox Development Painless