Code & Content

Good day, and thanks for stopping by! I write and build things. In this portfolio listicle you’ll find some of my web & programming projects.

My open-source code is on GitHub. You can follow @curiositry on Twitter for the occasional (gzipped) thought, or subscribe to The Autodidacts by email or RSS for longer essays.

  1. The blog of three thing-building, self-educating, voraciously-reading, computer-tinkering, music-playing brothers
  2. The most useful rules of basic Algebra
  3. The EEG, brain-computer interface, and biofeedback discussion forum.
  4. Laminim Ghost Blog Theme A premium Ghost theme for serious bloggers.
  5. Weblog Ghost Blog Theme A *seriously* old-school Ghost blog theme (premium).
  6. Blog.txt The most minimal blogging platform in the known universe—or your money back! (WIP project/essay/joke…)
  7. MNML Ghost Blog Theme A beautiful, responsive, and featureful blog theme with great typography.
  8. Undefined Ghost Blog Theme A minimal starter theme for the Ghost blogging platform.
  9. EEGrunt A Collection Python EEG Analysis Utilities for OpenBCI
  10. Diaeresis.jsWield diæreses like Chuck Mary Norris

Older projects:

  1. The Best Mathematical Forumlas on the Web
  2. ReaDB ReaDB is your private digital bookshelf. Read. Review. Remember.
  3. The Free & Open Science Class Fun, no-nonsense science projects that stimulate and inform
  4. The Ghost Theme Directory Find the perfect theme for your blog
  5. Wise Wallpapers A Collection of Minimalist Typographic Wallpapers From Quotes & Proverbs
  6. Designs That Don’t Suck A non sucky infographic explaining what it is that makes it not suck.
  7. Bohemian Theme A free, responsive, open source, & typographically tasteful Pelican theme. Built to provide a great reading experience with minimal clutter
  8. Responsive Microplate The bare essentials for any responsive website — halfway between Emmet’s !tab and HTML5 Boilerplate
  9. Clean Theme A minimalist theme for the Python static site generator Pelican.
  10. Flexbox Functions A Simple PHP Script That Makes Flexbox Development Painless